Is This The Worst Mom Of 2018?

Angry Kid
Behold... the Modern American Family. Ugh.

An Iowa woman was arrested after police after leaving her three small children at home without the ability to watch YouTube.

Natalee Kahl, 23, was arrested after her children called 911 to ask for help watching YouTube videos. The police responded to the call to find three young children at home without a parent.

The mother left the children at home by themselves for almost an hour when she went to go pick up her boyfriend. The police quickly arrested the woman for child endangerment and could be charged with drug possession after a pot pipe was found in the residence.

This isn’t the first time the woman has been in trouble. In 2015 Kahl gave her infant daughter a bottle mixed with vodka that almost killed the child. A water bottle was filled with vodka, according to the woman, and she didn’t know. She used the vodka to add water to a baby formula that was fed to the baby and after rushing the baby to the hospital it was discovered that the baby had a blood alcohol level of .284.

It is unclear if the current boyfriend of Kahl is the same one that put vodka in a water bottle, but we know the same woman is in trouble again.

Despite all her mistakes as a parent, at least she is in the running for the worst mother of 2018.

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