Is This “Black Lives Matter” Leader Secretly White?


Move over Rachel Dolezal: now, a key figure in the “Black Lives Matter” movement is revealed to be secretly white.

Shaun King, who works as a “justice correspondent” for the leftwing online news source, Daily Kos, has become a high-profile media presence in recent months. His rise has been fueled largely by his stoking of racial tensions, in defense of “Black Lives Matter,” the movement that developed after the death of several unarmed black men at the hands of white cops.

Numerous times, he’s referred to himself as a black man–often describing the racism that he felt from white classmates, while growing up black in America.

But, according to his birth certificate, King isn’t black at all. His birth certificate lists a white man as his father, and a white woman as his mother. And a 1995 police report lists his ethnicity as white as well.

King has, apparently, been lying about his race for years. He first claimed to be biracial in order to qualify for an “Oprah scholarship” to attend Morehouse College, a historically black university. (That particular scholarship, sponsored by billionaire media guru, Oprah Winfrey, is given exclusively to black men.)

King has also struggled to recall basic facts about his life, like how many spinal surgeries he’s had, and even how many children he has. Which perhaps gives more evidence to the possibility that his media persona, as a black man, is a lie.

This report comes not long after Rachel Dolezal, a regional leader at the NAACP, was outed as a white woman pretending to be black. She continues to “identify as black” despite having two white parents.

While Dolezal’s parents, both white, confirmed her racial lies, so far no relatives have exposed the truth about Shaun King’s race. But, with evidence mounting, it appears more likely than not that yet another racial huckster is pretending to be something they’re not, in order to boost their own career.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.