Is Homelessness Going Underground?


Fairfax, Virginia is home to about 1,200 homeless people, but this is the first time that one of them built an underground home in a public park.

Police are astonished and impressed by 25-year-old homeless man Joel Rios. The man dug a 15-foot hole and then carved out two rooms; a bedroom and a living room.

Found inside his “house” were materials to study English and other subjects. The young man had a Bible and was at a homeless shelter bible study when police arrived at the cave.

The 15-foot-deep cave was dug in a public park and sat just 200 yards behind the Fairfax County Police Station.

Park goers discovered the entrance of the cave when they were out walking the trails. The entrance was hidden under a piece of plywood and some brush. They immediately alerted the authorities.

The police apprehended Rios on the charge of destruction of public property and is currently in jail.

You can more details from local news, NBC Washington in the below video.

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