Is He Finally Going To Confess To Murder?

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson took the world by storm on the football field and in a white Ford Bronco as he ran from police in a suspected murder.

In what was dubbed the “trial of the century” O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in the killing of his ex-wife and her new man.

Since then O.J. wrote a book about how he would have killed her if he had and got arrested for armed robbery in Las Vegas and is currently serving a nine to thirty year sentence.

A friend of O.J. is saying that the man is “tormented” and has hinted to telling the truth about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover Ronald Goldman.

If he does spill the beans it will be after he is released from prison currently, which could be next year.

Because of the double jeopardy laws, O.J. Simpson cannot be tried again for murder after a verdict has been decided.

The Juice could literally tell the world that he killed his ex-wife and her lover and there is nothing that any law enforcement can do.

Why now?

Well, there are a lot of conspiracies out there and one new documentary accuses the son of O.J. Simpson, Jason Simpson, as the killer. Maybe he wants to clear his son’s name, maybe he just wants to be back in the limelight after being in prison for nine years.

Maybe O.J. Simpson is actually feeling guilty about it and wants to make amends. Whatever the reason that O.J. needs to finally tell the world the truth, we hope he finds it, and the victim and their families finally have some peace.

Do you think O.J. will confess to the murders? Let us know in the comments below.

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