Iraqi Immigrant With Criminal Record Accused Of Shooting Officer In Head

Crime Scene
"He's dead, Jim..."

A Colorado Spring police officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head. The accused assailant is Karrar Al Khammasi, an Iraqi who has some how escaped being deported despite nine different run-ins with the police in the past five years.

The Colorado Springs Gazette outlined his Khammasi’s past crimes and friends and family of the wounded officer are wondering why the man was never deported.

In 2013, Al Khammasi was charged with drunken driving with his first police arrest. A month later he was charged with criminal extortion in a case where he is accused of threatening a family and setting a car on fire.

Khammasi got two years of probation for criminal trespassing 2014. Earlier this year, Khammasi was arrested for allegedly having a stolen firearm.

He posted bail in February and is back in custody now for attempted first-degree murder. This time he was denied bond.

Al Khammasi was born in Iraq and could be facing deportation after allegedly shooting a police officer in the face. The real question is, why has he been allowed to stay in America after years of criminal and violent crimes?

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Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.