Iowa University Trains Students and Faculty on Their ‘White Privilege’

White Privilege
This is how all white people live right?

The University of Iowa is now training white students and faculty on how their skin color gives them the so-called “white privilege.”

“White privilege” is seen as the idea that just because you have a white skin color, you have things easy in life; in comparison to those with a darker skin color. Ben Shapiro was noted to discredit this idea in his speech at the University of Missouri, back in 2015. However, this theory has continued to influence several universities.

As indicated by College Fix, “Many universities continue to teach students — especially white students — that white privilege is a real and pressing problem that must be addressed to end racism.”

According to sources, the University of Iowa introduced a three day event titled as “Exploring White Identity for Effective Ally ship.”

The flier for the event read, “White identified people to discuss Whiteness and its privileges with other White people. This can be the first step to eliminating tokenism and increasing responsibility among allies to eliminate racism.”

This event was led by the university’s Chief Diversity Officer, Georgina Dodge and consisted of interactive exercises and a panel discussion.

The first day of the course focused on students, the second day on the entire community, whereas the third day was reserved for the faculty & the staff.

A copy of the campus’s document described the focus of the course. “White Identity is often left out of the ‘diversity’ conversation but is a crucial part of people and allyship. Creating a space where White-identified folks can discuss this, teach and learn from each other can address different challenges in eliminating racism,” indicated the document. “We are all part of the solution,” the document added, “and this opportunity to discuss the role of Whiteness in racial justice is an important one.”

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