Indian Gives Warren A Gift Fit For Pocahontas

"So, are you telling me I can just switch ancestries whenever I 'feel like it'? Tell me more about this Rachel Dolezal gal..."

Shiva Ayyadurai, a GOP Senate Candidate and the inventor of email services has his eyes set on taking down the Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and  has challenged the so-called “Native American” ancestry of Warren.

While, Warren had always presented nothing but “family stories,” to confirm her Indian ancestry, Ayyadurai planned a special surprise for her birthday.

In a tweet back on the 22nd of June Ayyadurai celebrated Warren’s birthday by uploading an image of an order that was placed on 23andMe for a DNA testing kit from Ayyadurai to Warren.

“Celebrate @SenWarren’s Birthday.DONATE $5 to to support REAL INDIAN vs. FAKE INDIAN DNA Test. My gift: HER DNA kit!” the tweet stated.

However, it was this Sunday that Ayyadurai tweeted that Warren had supposedly refused his much “thoughtful gift,” and has made him “deeply saddened.”

“I consider myself an embodiment of the American dream: an all-American Indian,” Ayyadurai was noted stating as he launched his election campaign and his campaign banners states, “only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian.”

Ayydurai is noted as an India-born a 53-year-old entrepreneur and a Fulbright scholar and owner of several degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Furthermore, Ayyudurai had mentioned that the first ever vote that he had cast was in favor of President Trump and that he had never registered to cast a vote, prior to last year.

“After 1984, I broke with Republicans and Democrats, he said and that he realized at a very young age that “both these Establishment parties were two heads of the same snake — tweedle dee and tweedle dum.”

However, he stated that he believes Trump possess the “necessary force to disrupt a broken system that was no longer serving the American people” and that, Trump’s victory was “bound to occur… You can’t get away with fooling people over and over again. The truth is what intellectual and Hollywood elites are upset at … [It] is not Trump, but that they lost control over everyday people, who they discounted as inferior – a lower caste.”

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.