Illegal Arrested For Trying To Kill Pregnant Girlfriend’s Baby

Domestic Abuser
Where are the feminists? Where is the outcry?

Illegal alien has been arrested—after allegedly kicking his pregnant girlfriend and slamming her head against the wall, in an attempt to kill her baby.

According to authorities, Denis Cruz Lemus, 19—a native of Honduras who lives in Aspen Hill, Maryland—was “drinking heavily” and got into an argument with his girlfriend, who then left to spend the night at her mother’s house nearby.

When Lemus’s girlfriend, whose name has not been released, returned to their house the following morning, they began arguing again. Lemus allegedly hit her girlfriend, threw her to the ground, and kicked her stomach, apparently wanting to force a miscarriage for his girlfriend’s three-month pregnancy.

His girlfriend then tried to flee, which caused Lemus to grab her head and slam it into a corner of the wall, causing a large cut and leaving a large amount of blood throughout the apartment.

Paramedics transported his girlfriend to the hospital. Her and her baby’s condition has not publicly been released.

Lemus has been charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and false imprisonment.

It doesn’t seem like they are sending their “best and brightest” over –  but, what if this sort of criminal is in fact the best type of person they have! Think about it – horrifying!