If You Think Democrats Hate Trump Now… Just Wait

Right now, the Democrats are literally doing everything in their power to stop Donald Trump, but nothing is working and the hate keeps growing. Hate may seem like a strong word in other scenarios, but not this one. Not with Donald Trump as president.

It’s not just the liberal politicians like Maxine Waters that can’t stand Donald Trump, it is your normal, everyday working blue blooded Democrats. I know a grandmother and a nurse that literally hates the president. I know Christian pastors that would love to go up in the pulpit and call Donald Trump evil and the spawn of satan, but thankfully they leave politics out of the pulpit… but they want to.

Democrats really don’t like Donald Trump.

Let’s be fair though, Donald brings a lot of it on himself with his late night Twitter rants. He is deserving of more criticism than recent presidents, but people really hate the man.

Despite all the negative attention, slanted news and Facebook rants, Donald Trump’s approval rating has been going up steadily recently. Part of the increase is the discovery that there was actually no Russian Collusion.

Here’s the thing… there is an election coming up.

The Democrats really don’t like Donald Trump, but what happens during the election when the Democrats have over 20 options for president and don’t like any of them?  What happens when Trump wins his re-election? How much will they hate the guy then?

If you look at who the left has running right now, it is kind of embarrassing.  For a party that pushes for diversity and claims to be the champion for minorities, the top two polling candidates are old white guys that have been career politicians.

Joe Biden is the clear front-runner as Democrats are hoping to capture some of that Obama White House magic, but, this is Joe Biden we are talking about. He is known for his gaffes and mistakes on camera. As the 20+ person debates fire up and the endless reporting and filming get into full campaign swing, will Joe Biden be able to not be his own worst enemy?

Will Joe be able to campaign through election night without making some big mistake or inappropriately smelling someone’s hair? As it stands now, Democrats need a mistake-free Biden for the next year and a half in order to have a chance at beating Trump.

Bernie Sanders’s momentum isn’t what it was just a few years ago. Beto has fizzled in early support and Mayor Pete is polling at 0% with black South Carolina voters.

The Democrats are facing a tough election where they could be faced with another presidential election night in total horror of another four years with Trump.

If you think the Democrats hate Trump now, just wait until he wins again.