If You Hate Trump You Will Really Hate Cruz

Ted Cruz

On the surface, Ted Cruz is a much calmer and stately looking than Donald Trump. Ted is what people call a constitutionalist and conservative. Donald Trump is what people call a racist and a xenophobe. Where is the truth?

Over a billion dollars have been used to attack Donald Trump from the right, the left and almost every media outlet in between, framing him as a racist and one that hates Muslims, Mexicans and everyone else.

On the other hand, the media is warming to Ted Cruz as a much better option. As Yoda would say, “Blinded you, hate has.” Millions of people have been so influenced by the negative ads and hate Donald Trump, but people are giving Ted Cruz a pass.

Now that the GOP field is narrowing down to really two candidates, Ted Cruz and Trump are starting to name people that will be involved as advisors to the candidate. Texas Ted made a startling announcement this week.

Ted Cruz named Frank Gaffney Jr. and several others from Gaffney’s organization, Center for Security Policy as top foreign policy advisors. If you are looking for someone who demonstrates real xenophobia based on his delusional conspiracy theories, then look no further than Frank Gaffney.

That Ted Cruz would look to someone from the Conservative Ghetto like Frank Gaffney for advice is dumbfounding. The idea that anybody looking to win the White House would solicit advice from somebody who would probably deport all Muslims in America is not worthy of even being considered as a senator, let alone president.

Ted Cruz’s picks are revealing where his heart really rests and it is on the very far right. He is the opposite of Bernie Sanders but with a lot less excitement around him.

Trump is being blamed for inciting violence at his rallies but the people are misguided again. The real person inciting violence in this election is Ted Cruz.

The American people don’t like Trump because they have been told and conditioned to by the establishment’s media. If they were honest they would see that Cruz is worse. Trump is actually more moderate and has a chance to win a general election. What can people say about him that hasn’t already been said?

Cruz is still unknown really. With so much attention on Trump this cycle, people have overlooked details about Cruz that are scary. He is really catering to the extreme right of the party. Donald is catering to voters who are fed up with one America for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us.

If nothing else, Cruz is going to really face a tough time when the public starts digesting his stances and his extreme right wing views.

If the party does fracture during convention like many people are saying, we can only hope that the most extreme, the people who want to carpet bomb to see if sand can glow in the dark, are the ones who fracture off.