I Want to See Obama’s Transcripts

The Trump-Ukraine phone call controversy remains at the top of the news.
First, let me start by urging all good conservatives to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congratulate her on reelecting President Donald Trump. With enemies like her, who needs friends? In the words of President Trump, “Nancy — you’re the best.”

Second, I’m a big supporter of the right to bear arms. Another big shoutout to Pelosi because she and the Democratic Congress just proved you don’t need a gun to commit suicide. You can just talk yourself to death.

It’s clear Pelosi and the Democrats just committed mass political suicide. Radical Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome persuaded Pelosi to jump off a cliff … and the entire Democratic Congress followed like sheep.

Think I’m wrong? John Kasich, a Republican, is the former governor of Ohio. He hates Trump. He attacks and denigrates Trump at every opportunity. On Friday, he reported in Ohio, the heartland of America, that no one in the heartland cares about this; no one is even talking about it.

Democrats haven’t just overreached. They’ve walked into a big trap. No normal person cares that Trump had a phone call with a world leader and asked him to look into massive alleged corruption by an American politician on foreign soil. Most normal Americans are saying, “It’s about time.”

Now to my real point.

We’re debating a phone call between a president and a world leader. Why would any of us have access to this call? Have you ever heard the details of any other phone call between a world leader and an American president?

Heck, Trump is now the most transparent president in history. He released the transcript of a classified call with a world leader.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama still has never released his college transcripts. There’s never been a single leak. You’d think his college records were classified.

But the real question that must be asked: Why can’t we see transcripts of Obama’s conversations with world leaders? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

We’ve now seen Trump’s conversation. I want to see Obama’s conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

We all heard Obama whisper on an open microphone that, once reelected, he could give Putin whatever he wanted. So what do you think Obama said during private, classified calls to Putin?

If we have a right to listen to Trump’s calls, why can’t we listen to Obama’s calls with world leaders? We need something against which we can measure Trump’s supposed “crimes.”

I heard from a friend who heard from a friend that Obama sold America down the river in calls with Putin. I heard he was way too friendly with the radical leaders of the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood. I heard he sold Israel down the river in calls with leaders of Middle Eastern countries.

I want to see a transcript of former Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations with that rogue terrorist nation Iran. Why did he give Iran a “deal of the century”? Can we see the conversations between Kerry and Obama about the Iran treaty? Only one way to find out. We have to see the transcripts.

How about the negotiation for hostages held by Iran? I can’t wait to hear Obama offer a ransom to terrorists (a crime).

The precedent has been set. I won’t rest until I see the transcripts of Obama’s calls. Only then can we know if Trump did anything wrong or unusual.

C’mon, Obama. Show us your transcripts. I dare you.