Huge Brawl At Barack Obama High School


As many as 40 students participated in a massive brawl at Milwaukee’s Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education–sending a pregnant girl to the hospital.

The pregnant girl, who was being evaluated by a paramedic for injuries but didn’t want to miss out on the fight, kicked the paramedic, who is also pregnant. Despite her best efforts, she was brought to the hospital.

The fight broke out shortly before 2:30pm on Wednesday, and Milwaukee police arrived shortly after. It’s not clear what caused such a massive melee to take place on school property.

According to police, the brawl included some students, as well as a large number of involved were “outsiders”–between 30 and 40 people overall. But they declined to comment any further, claiming that the investigation into the fight is still “on-going.”

A spokesman, Tony Tagliavia, for Milwaukee Public Schools, which oversees Barack Obama School, stated:

“We are cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department as it investigates an incident that happened at the school at about 2:30 p.m. We will take appropriate disciplinary action against any student involved.”

No one has been arrested, and there were no major injuries reported.

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