How The Chicago Chaos Erupted


This past Friday night, Donald Trump was to hold a rally at the University of Chicago.

As you’ve likely seen on every media outlet that covers politics, protesters shut down the event and chaos ensued.

While Hillary Clinton would have described it as a “spontaneous gathering” if it had happened to her, there was nothing coincidental about the protesters who decided to disrupt the event.

It started with the students and faculty of the university. On Monday night, several black, Hispanic and Muslim groups began to spread the word and organize against Trump’s visit to their campus . . . they were soon joined by some of the faculty of tenured professors and administrators.

The organizers penned a letter to UIC’s decision makers to cancel the event.

One science professor at the school, Amalia Pallares, was keen on what to expect, “It was a security issue. We felt that it would be a big challenge for the university to protect the students.”

Pallares got it wrong on who needed to be protected as several students were arrested for acts of violence against Trump supporters and police.

To fan the flames, George Soros’ printed signs and emailed supporters in the area to get them to attend the Trump protest.

MoveOn’s communications director confirmed their involvement.

But the organizing didn’t stop there.

Labor unions and the racist group, Black Lives Matter, worked to turn out their people in advance of Trump’s visit.

The result?

Thousands of angry liberals, racists and confused anarchists took to the streets to clash with Donald Trump and 25,000 of his supporters.

The violence caught on camera was a smidgen of what really happened behind the scenes.

Two men, Sergio Giralso and Sohaan Goss, both in their twenties were charged with felony aggravated battery on a police officer. Two others were charged with resisting arrest.

The Chicago police could have arrested hundreds but were reserved in their efforts despite the chaos.

Expect events like this in the general election if Trump secures the Republican Nomination.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.