Horrific Tragedy Strikes Disney World

Disney World

It has been a very bad week for Orlando, Florida and a new tragedy has occurred at the happiest place on earth.

A family from Nebraska was walking along the edge of the Seven Seas Lagoon when an alligator attacked a two-year-old boy by dragging the child under water.

The attack occurred near the Grand Floridian resort, which is one of the premier resorts in the Magic Kingdom area of Disney World in Orlando.

Local search crews have been frantically working to try and find the child using sonar from boats to try and pinpoint locations to search.

The lagoon is a very large body of water and no swimming signs are posted all around the water’s edge. The family was not swimming, but only standing in about a foot of water when the alligator attacked.

The gator grabbed the boy’s foot and immediately pulled the child underwater in front of his parents.

It has been reported that the father dove in and tried to rescue the little boy.

The family is from Nebraska and they also have two other children who were with the family, but apparently not in the water.

The police have not released the names of the family.

It has been a very tragic week for Orlando, Florida and the United States. Tell your family you love them, do something good for someone today. We need more good in our world.

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