Hollywood Urges Voter Fraud To Skew Election To Dems

America's very own Mt. Doom

Actor Peter Fonda is making headlines again… calling for widespread Democratic voter fraud, in order to win the 2018 election.

Responding to a comment on Twitter that claimed “only 21 percent” of millennials voted in 2016, Fonda wrote: “Then we have to take them by the hand and lead them to the water and teach them to drink! If you have a millennial in your family, take their early ballots, fill them out and mail them in, or take the ballot to the voting place and give it to the officials… no more worrying!”

Unfortunately for Fonda, that’s voter fraud… and a federal crime.

Fonda has since deleted the tweet.

This isn’t the first time Fonda–the son of actor Henry Fonda and brother of actress Jane Fonda–has made headlines.

Last month, he called for 12-year-old Barron Trump to be locked up and raped by pedophiles, as retribution for Donald Trump’s separation of families at the U.S. border.

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.