Hollywood Icons Plot To Take Out Republicans In ’18

Darrell Issa
He's a California Republican, an endangered species!

American actress and political activist, Jane Fonda is spearheading Hollywood outreach for a new political group, “Flip the 49th,” whose goal is to turn the 49th Congressional district of California blue. The seat is currently, if precariously, held by Republican defense hawk Darrell Issa.

Fonda has already helped gather nearly half a million dollars to the effort to unseat Issa. Other top Hollywood donors, and friends of Fonda include Leonardo DiCaprio, Comedian Bill Maher, Actor Ted Danson, Senator Barbara Boxer, and even Jay Leno. In fact, almost 40% of the organization’s donations come from meddling liberals outside the district.

As you may remember, actress Jane Fonda earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane”, from Vietnam veterans, upset that she became a willing pawn in the war. She visited the communist stronghold, and prison camp of Hanoi back in 1972 to register herself as a distinctly anti-American anti-war protestor. But America’s veterans have not forgotten, and Issa’s congressional district is home to many veterans, and active duty service members.

Issa’s district is in North County San Diego, home to a dense population of the veterans, and active duty serving out of Marine Base Camp Pendleton, where almost 100,000 marines are based.

The district also holds a distinct voter registration advantage for republicans, with only 37% registered as Democrats. However, Fonda and others hope to ride a wave anti-Trump sentiment to victory.

“Flip the 49th” is the Democrat’s attempt at grassroots mobilization. And with the backing of big Hollywood money and elites, it has been able to state multiple protests of Issa, even taking credit of the turnout of 2,000 democrats to one of Issa’s town hall events.