Hillary’s Jokes And Messages Are Falling Flat

Hillary’s Jokes

Hillary, wearing something you may see out of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, went on stage with New York Mayor de Blasio to have some fun. They had fun all right, but at whose expense?

Watch the video as Hillary and the mayor joke about being late, or on “CP Time”, ie, “Colored Peoples’” time. Then, at the last minute, Hillary tries to cover it up like it meant something else.

The clip is meant to be funny, but it goes deeper. Why would Hillary even make a joke like that? If she were the woman that fights for the rights of minorities, then why would she make fun of black people, while dressed as an Asian person on a stage in front of a bunch of rich white people?

The skit was part of a charity event that Hillary and many New York big wigs were part of, and they were offering a parody of the controversial musical “Hamilton”.

Hillary is not doing well right now. Not only are her jokes falling flat, but her message is too. Bernie has won 7 of the last 8 states and is gaining momentum. Hillary is starting to attack Bernie more and is losing steam.

Hillary is just happy that people are talking about her bad jokes instead of her criminal investigation and interview with the FBI. Hillary finds a silver lining in everything.

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