Hillary’s Fall: She Can’t Deny Her Health Issues Anymore

health issues

There is no denying Hillary’s health problems anymore as a video is released of her having a “medical situation” and taking a fall.

Hillary and her supporters have denied that there is anything wrong with the former Secretary of State, but after a video surfaced on Sunday that shows Hillary falling after leaving a 9/11 ceremony early, her campaign better find answers soon.

This video shows both angles:

It took several men to try and hold her up and keep her from completely falling on her face while she tried to climb into her van. They ended up dragging her into her ride.

After Hillary’s fall and sickly behavior, it took her campaign over an hour to inform the public what is going on.

Hillary was not rushed to a hospital, but taken to her daughters nearby apartment to “recover”.

After spending a couple of hours at Chelsea’s New York apartment, Hillary went outside to wave to the crowd and take a “spontaneous” picture with a young child.

The problem is, her doctors came out and said she had pneumonia and that is what made her “overheat” at the 9/11 ceremony.

If Hillary does have pneumonia and it was diagnosed on Friday, like her doctors claim, then why was she shaking hands over the weekend and getting close to children for photo ops?

Pneumonia is very contagious and Hillary should try to stay away from people and not infect them.

The story that the Hillary camp is putting out regarding Hillary’s health, doesn’t match what is really going on.

Hillary has been plagued with health questions and doubt with her recent coughing fits, but her fall on Sunday takes the health worries to a new level.

With Hillary’s poll numbers dropping and Trump on the rise, anymore of these falls or “medical situations”, then Hillary could lose this election.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.