Hillary’s Email Scandal Takes A Surprising Turn

Email Scandal

The man who set up the private server for Hillary Clinton has had immunity by the Department of Justice for some time and has been working with the DOJ and FBI to answer their questions about Hillary’s email server.

In Court this week, Brian Pagliano was ordered to give a deposition in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Judicial Watch. Brian will talk to the DOJ and the FBI because he has immunity with them, but he won’t talk under oath.

Pagliano pleaded the fifth.

His refusal to answer questions comes after Cheryl Mills, former lawyer to Bill Clinton and Hillary’s Chief of Staff at the State Department, decided to not answer or said she didn’t remember to over 150 questions asked by Judicial Watch.

What does this all mean?

Nobody is talking. There is complete silence around the email server because Hillary’s campaign depends on it.

The pressure is on the FBI to indict Hillary after a State Department report proved that she broke the law with her handling of her private email server.

Even though nobody is talking, it is making her look more and more guilty and her numbers are sliding. She is in a statistical tie with Bernie Sanders in California and losing to Trump nationally now for the first time.

The odds of her being charged with a crime is still about 50/50. There is pressure coming to indict the former secretary of state, but there is a lot of pressure coming from the Obama Administration also to not indict.

An indictment would look really bad for the Democratic Party and hit will really hurt their chances to stay in power come this fall. It also doesn’t help that Obama appointed the directors at both the DOJ and the FBI. We can only hope that their loyalty lies with the truth and punishing criminals rather than being with Obama and the Democratic Party.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.