Hillary Picks A First Lady (And It’s Not Bill!)


According to recent reports, Hillary Clinton has picked a First Lady–but it won’t be her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

UK’s Daily Mail reports that Hillary will appoint a First Lady to handle the traditional duties of a White House hostess. She’s narrowed it down to her daughter, Chelsea, or her longtime aide, Huma Abedin, who Hillary reportedly considers a “surrogate daughter.”

Abedin is also the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) who resigned after a sexting scandal, and has been controversial herself in recent weeks after her involvement in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

A source on the Clinton campaign told the Daily Mail:

“Hillary firmly believes both Huma and Chelsea can handle the duties of the first lady with aplomb. But in the end she also knows it can be as big a decision to make as selecting her vice presidential running mate because the personality and image of the first lady can be a key to the success of any administration.”

The Mail also reports Hillary has “all but admitted” that Bill Clinton won’t be taking on the roles of a presidential spouse.

While the First Lady has historically been a role taken on by the President’s wife, other Presidents in history, who were widowed or unmarried, had other relatives take on the role–usually an adult daughter.

Since First Lady is actually not an official position, there’s nothing that would stop Hillary Clinton from letting her daughter or aide take on that role.