Hillary not the only one with a secret email


Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one using a personal email address to conduct State Department business: two of her top aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, did too.

Abedin, Hillary’s “surrogate daughter” and the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weinar, not only used personal email, but was given an address on Hillary’s private server, @clintonemail.com.

During her tenure in Hillary’s State Department, Abedin was categorized as a “Special Government Employee,” which allowed her to collect a hefty government paycheck, while still holding down lucrative private sector jobs–including work for the Clinton family’s foundations, some of which have been accused of exchanging favors to foreign nations in exchange for donations.

Hillary’s longtime chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, used personal email for State Department business too, but it’s unclear whether this was on the private @clintonemail.com server as well.

In her press conference earlier this week, Hillary claimed that she used a private email address as a matter of “convenience”–and that official correspondence would be in the State Department’s possession already, since everything was sent to her employees’ .gov email addresses.

But the bombshell revelation that such high level advisers also used personal email addresses too shows that Hillary wasn’t telling the truth–because her top advisers exchanged department-related emails with her “off the record.” If key correspondence exists between Hillary’s personal email address and Abedin’s and Mills’s personal address, those would not be accessible to the government or to the American people under the Freedom of Information Act.

Whether or not shady off-the-record emails were exchanged between Hillary and her key deputies–and deliberately hidden–it’s clear that Hillary still has a lot to explain before this scandal goes away.