Hillary In Hot Water Over Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Hillary Clinton is slipping in the New York primary polls and Bernie is on fire right now. She has started to panic and is now she is going all in to win New York.

On Monday morning, Hillary sat down with the New York’s iconic Hip Hop radio show, The Breakfast Club. It turned out not to be the best interview she has ever done.

After another coughing fit, something that she cannot shake, she was asked what is one thing that she always carries around with her, and her answer was stunning.

“Hot Sauce”, was the answer. Hot Sauce is what Hillary carries around with her wherever she goes? Come on! Even the black hosts didn’t fall for it. One even mentioned that people might call it pandering.

Hillary, with an honest question asked, “Is it working?” Wow. Just wow. Watch for yourself.

Hillary may like hot sauce and it may make her immune system work better, but this is still pandering and it did not go over well in the black communities in NY.

Even Donald Trump came out this morning to say that Hillary was pandering.

It didn’t stop there. She continued to pander to other minority groups while in New York.

If you are looking for evidence that she actually has the hot sauce in her bag, look at this very realistic picture.

In the end, what advice is there for the former Secretary of State?

What do you think? Was Hillary pandering or just doing a good interview?

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