Hillary In Full Panic Mode As Bernie Supports Stand Against Hillary


Normally when a primary season is over, the other candidates rally their support for the nominee, but not this year.

Obviously Trump has not had the support of all 16 of his competitors, but he is getting some support. Hillary on the other hand, really only had one competitor and he has yet to throw his weight behind the former secretary of state.

In fact, Bernie has said that he will do his best to stop Trump, but right now that doesn’t mean joining sides with Hillary.

The Hillary camp is worried. Not only did the Democrats get seven million less votes this primary season than in 2008, this primary has been much more divided.

Bloomberg recently released a poll that detailed what camp the Bernie voters are gravitating towards.

Right now, only 55% of Bernie supporters say they will vote for Hillary.

22% say they are going to go for Trump instead of the Democratic nominee.

Surprisingly, 18% say they are going to vote for the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

One person who participated in the poll and was a fierce Bernie Supporter had this to say about Hillary Clinton.

“She’s a corporate candidate. I don’t vote for corporate candidates. I don’t do the lesser of two evils.”

The Clinton camp is really worried. Especially because Trump is closer in the polls than what the national average is showing.

Currently Hillary has an 11-point lead nationally, but in some of the battleground states like Ohio and Florida, the spread is much closer.

If Hillary loses Ohio and Florida to Trump, it could give him enough to win.

Despite her “huge” lead she is in trouble and the Democrats know it. They want to get Bernie on board behind Hillary, but he has yet to endorse her, and his most loyal fans are saying they are going to “crash” the convention.

The threats are so numerous surrounding the convention, that the Democratic Party is adopting Trump’s idea and they are building a wall around the meeting for July to keep the riffraff out.

Unless Hillary can find a way to start really appealing to the Bernie fans, she may have a much harder time winning this election than she thinks.

What do you think? Should Bernie support Hillary and get his follower to fall in line? Let us know in the comments below.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.