Hillary Caught In Another Scandal. We Can’t Make This Stuff Up


It is without a doubt that this election is one of the most unique and historical elections in our nation’s history, and a new scandal has things making a turn for crazy.

Hillary is moving from one email scandal to another. This time, it was the DNC that was hacked and 20,000 emails released to the public through Wikileaks.

Gucifer 2.0, believed to be a Russian hacker, released stolen emails that outline how the Democratic National Committee conspired to make Hillary the nominee and their plans to end Bernie’s campaign.

Email that suggested they attack Bernie’s religion for a two point boost.

The emails released show a DNC that cheated one of their own candidates in favor for Hillary, but it gets worse.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was the head of the DNC but she was forced to resign on Sunday in the backlash of the released emails. She will not be able to attend the convention and is going to have a hard time finding a job, right? Nope!

Just hours after the corrupt and biased head of the DNC resigned, guess who hired her? That’s right, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary took the opportunity to hire Wasserman-Schultz as a top campaign official.

We can’t make this stuff up. If Bernie fans were mad before, they are furious now. Thousands of Bernie fans and Hillary protestors have descended on Philadelphia for the convention and they are already shouting, “Lock her up”.

When Hillary hires a corrupt official the same day they resign, it doesn’t help her in the eyes of America. Ironically a CNN poll was released on the same day that reported only 30% of Americans think that Hillary is “trustworthy”.

The Director of the FBI, Mr. James Comey, called Hillary “extremely careless”, and although no criminal charges where placed on Hillary after the FBI investigation, it is clear she was reckless and put our country in danger.

Bernie Sanders himself wasn’t shocked to hear of the DNC conspiracy to defeat Bernie, but disappointed. Apparently he is still endorsing Hillary.

Bernie’s fans on the other hand are a little more upset. Watch protestors in Philadelphia on Sunday talk about their “feelings” for Hillary.

It is unbelievable that Hillary would hire Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on the day she resigns for leading a corrupt Democratic Party and people are starting to see through lies.

Hillary took a hit in the polls during her FBI email scandal, and now her convention is marred in corruption. If she keeps making decisions like hiring embarrassed and corrupt party leaders then she is just going to hand Donald Trump the presidency. That is unless she cheats.

What do you think of Hillary’s decision to hire Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Let us know in the comments below.

Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.