Hillary Campaign Has Illegal Alien On Staff


Hillary Clinton is working hard to get the Hispanic vote. While a Gallup poll is putting her as the favored democrat for Latinos, Jeb Bush is a major contender for those votes. It is not secret that he has a very favorable stance on immigration and is even campaigning in Spanish. His wife, Columba Bush is an attractive First Lady for Hispanics looking to have a relatable face in the White House.

Since it is too late for her to find a sap looking for a green card to add a few popularity points to her tab, Hillary is taking a different approach.

Her Latino outreach director is a former illegal immigrant who still cannot vote. She emigrated illegally to the United States from Peru for “medical treatment” and has found favor in the eyes of the democratic hopeful.

The 27 year old, Lorella Praeli, is the beneficiary of an amnesty program put into action by the Obama administration. She has a green card but the terms of the amnesty do not permit her to vote. Her mother is still a criminal at large and continues to live here illegally.

The Los Angeles Times released a story on Praeli and details her “start in politics” as being as far back as elementary school. Kids would make fun of her and she would write out the names that they called her and give them over to the “school police”. Apparently, wanting justice has not carried over into adulthood.

In fact, one of her “notable contributions” to the Clinton campaign has been to encourage staffers to tweet unflattering things about Donald Trump. So, even the idea that name calling is bad did not follow her past elementary school.

The campaign knows that Praeli is not a citizen so they are using her to reach those Hispanics that are already citizens or those who are on pace to become voters by the election.

Praeli says that she wants to focus on immigration and to “create a moral dilemma” when people talk about illegal immigrants. She would rather the United States see them as simply, “undocumented”; like guests at a limited engagement whom have simply misplaced their invitations. She wants amnesty for those living here illegally, like she herself has gained through the Obama administration’s programs for coddling illegals.

Clinton has made sure to spend time in the limelight talking to and about illegal immigrants. Does she really want what is best for them or does she just want as many votes as she can get? I think we all know how much she is going to need them in 2016.

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