Hillary Has 11,000 At Rally, But They Didn’t Come To See Her


Hillary Clinton spoke at Wake Forest University in North Carolina on Thursday to her biggest crowd in a long time, but they weren’t there to see her.

Most of Hillary’s crowds at rallies have been around the 1000 person mark. That is when she decides to actually get out and do a rally herself.

On Thursday, Hillary managed to get 11,000 people out in North Carolina to a rally, but they were not coming to see her. Fans were coming out to see Michelle Obama.

For the first time on the campaign, Hillary and Michelle Obama campaigned together, and both spoke at a rally.

The event was held at Wake Forest University, and students and staff were encouraged to go. The schools at Wake have about 10,000 students and another roughly 1,000 staff and educators. That is a nice built in crowd.

Hillary’s rally was public and it was crowded, but most of the people that went were excited to see Michelle, not Hillary.

Hillary even admitted, “Seriously! Is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?”

Normally that would be a line used to describe the candidate running for office, not the guest speaker.

Luckily, Hillary doesn’t have to run against Michelle, because that might not work out to well for the former Secretary of State.

Hillary can’t draw crowds like this on her own anymore, but Michelle’s popularity is soaring and she might run for office soon.

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