Here’s Why Hillary’s Panicking Over Trump…

Hillary should be in full-on panic: the “inevitable” Democratic presidential candidate is now losing in a head-to-head poll against that “unelectable” Donald Trump.

The surprising poll from SurveyUSA has Hillary garnering just 40% of the vote, to Trump’s 45%.

Those numbers show that Hillary’s bruising email server scandal is having a real impact on her popularity and her poll numbers–but it also hint that Donald Trump might be more than the flash in the pan that many in the media have dismissed him as.

It also shows that, far from having his fifteen minutes of fame during the summer “silly season,” Trump in fact continues to strengthen, even after a number of controversies like his feud with Megyn Kelly and his debate performance, which may have wounded other candidates.

But unfortunately for Democrats, the election problems don’t seem to end with Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump leads every other major Democrat running for President as well–and not by small numbers, either.

Trump leads Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) 44% to 40%, as well. Against Vice President Joe Biden, he leads 44%-42% and against former Vice President Al Gore, who has been hinted at considering another run for the White House, he leads 44%-41%.

Over the past few months, Trump has begun to solidify support among Republicans–growing his lead to double digits in the polls.

Time will tell if Trump manages to make it through what will certainly be a grueling primary season, or if Democrats will work to improve their numbers–but if the election was held today, it’s clear that Trump holds all the cards, and that the Democrats are starting to panic over their lackluster slate of candidates.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.