Harvard, NYU Law Sued For Anti-White, Anti-Male Discrimination

New York University
Harvard and NYU have yet to be convinced that discrimination is BAD!

The prestigious law schools at Harvard and New York University are being sued for race and sex discrimination… against white men.

A group called Faculty, Alumni, and Students Opposed to Racial Preferences (FASORP) filed the lawsuits. FASORP has also called on the U.S. Department of Education to immediately cut federal funding from both schools until they agree to stop their discriminatory practices.

According to the new lawsuits, FASORP cites discriminatory practices at the Harvard and NYU Law Reviews, the student-run law journals. The prestigious journals had previously selected their editors and contributors through merit, but have recently begun favoring other groups over straight white men.

Law-review membership is supposed to be an academic honor,” says FASORP’s suit against Harvard. “Now law-review membership at Harvard is part of a politicized spoils system and no longer acts as a reliable signaling device for academic ability or achievement.”

The lawsuit comes on top of another lawsuit Harvard is already facing: one that alleges they discriminated against Asian-American students. The Trump Administration is also launching ther own investigation.