Harvard Bans All-Male Groups, Allows All-Female Groups

Ah, feminism... Isn't it great! What a wonderful way to make the world a better place for everyone! (sarcasm!)

Harvard University is “banning” single-sex organizations—but only ones that consist of only men.

Female organizations and clubs will be allowed to become “gender-focused.”

In May 2016, Harvard announced the ban on single-gender groups, claiming that the “propagated exclusionary values.” Under the rule, members of single-sex groups would be banned from participating in Harvard athletics, leadership positions, and scholarships.

But female students protested the policy, claiming it would negatively impact single-sex groups and target “spaces for women,” though they were, shockingly, regardless still in favor banning all-male groups in order to combat “elitism, classism, and exclusivity.”

After more than a year of debate, Harvard decided that move forward with the ban on single-sex organizations after all—but, as of now, only for all-male groups.

All-male groups would be immediately punished if they refused to admit women, while all-female groups will have at least a five-year grace period before they have to comply with the law. In addition, the female groups will still be able to host specific activities that are “gender-focused” in favor of women.

Harvard officials plan to start enforcing sanctions immediately.