Guess Who North Korea Endorses For President?

North Korea

This is a case of liberal media running rampant. All over the news yesterday, the headlines read “North Korea Endorses Donald Trump”, but that is only one way to bend reality.

A North Korean wrote an opinion piece that was published in the state run media of North Korea. The legitimacy of the “reporting” is often questioned and rarely honest.

The piece said, “There are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies.” They went on to describe Hillary as dull and described the Donald as being a “wise politician.”

They got that dull part right about Hillary, but as far as an endorsement of North Korea for Donald Trump, that is far away.

We didn’t run this story yesterday because it was a non-story in our eyes. Nothing important, but after seeing every major media outlet running the headline “North Korea Endorses Trump”, we had to call them out.

It is amazing how many times the liberal media misquotes Trump to frame him as being racist or anti-woman.

Remember when the left was railing a few months ago when Trump said “women should be punished for having abortions”? Here is what he really said:

After being pushed and pushed by Chris Matthews, Trump said if abortions were banned, then there should be punishment for having one. That is a far cry from how the media framed it.

Donald Trump has said and done many things that have made him one of the most divisive figures in politics in recent history. His speech is crass and he does a good job on his own turning many people off, but the way the media frames it is dangerous.

The media is fueling the fires that are starting to spread in what looks to be a summer of incredible anger, opposition and violence.

Regardless of what you see on the news, Donald Trump is not flying to North Korea with Dennis Rodman and hanging out in Pyongyang with Kim Jong Un.

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