Guess What Mexico Just Said About Trump?


When Trump announced his presidency from Trump Tower, he made the Mexicans angry, but now Trump won, guess what they want to do?

They want to “modernize” NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump spent a lot of time on the campaign trail the last few months talking about how bad NAFTA is, and even called it one of America’s worst trade deals.

Hillary was blamed by Trump for NAFTA, because her husband, Bill Clinton, was the one who signed NAFTA into law. See the clip from the debates below.

Now that Trump has won the “most historic election in American history”, countries like Mexico are starting to fall in line.

It was easy for Mexico to play tough during the election, they thought Hillary would win like everyone else in the world.

When almost 60 million Americans voted Donald Trump as President, Mexico realized that they would be in a lot of trouble if they don’t start playing nice now.

President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that he and the new president-elect would meet before the inauguration.

Mexico doesn’t want to end NAFTA, but they want to “modernize” it to make it better for all involved. They know that NAFTA benefits Mexico more than the U.S. and they want to salvage any part of NAFTA they can.

If Trump can say what he said about Mexicans and building the wall during the campaign, and then they come around to wanting to work with Trump, that is a big deal.

It shows that Trump might actually be able to get some things done as president and even the countries that were supposedly “against” Trump are realizing that America is standing with him and it is time to renegotiate.

Now that the election is over and things are settling down, we are seeing that even some of his most ardent detractors are coming around and willing to work out our issues. That says a lot about Trump and the other countries.