Guess What Jerry Sandusky’s Son Was Just Charged With?

The former Penn State assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky was convicted of molesting several young boys, and now his son is convicted of similar crimes.

Jeff Sandusky was charged Monday with asking minors to send nude photos and perform sexual acts. Sandusky works at the State Correctional Institution in Rockview, Pennsylvania but has been suspended.

According to documents released by the court, there are two victims that Sandusky conversed with daily.
When Sandusky asked for nude photos from one of the victims and was refused, he urged the young child to delete all the text message and to meet. The young boy didn’t want to take it any further.

“No we don’t need to talk and we aren’t going to. You did what you did and I’m not going to give you a chance to try to justify it. You literally tried to guilt me into doing it and you even told me specifically what I ‘needed’ to do. You know who does that? Rapists and abusers… I don’t know how many times I need to tell you no and to stop before you get it.”

Luckily the victim didn’t delete his text messages and Jeff Sandusky has been charged with 12 felonies and two misdemeanors.

Ironically, Jeff Sandusky stood by his father Jerry during the trial that convicted the former Penn State assistant football coach for molesting several young boys.

Jeff was quoted in a Bleacher Report article in 2015 saying, “My dad is innocent. I can guarantee you that. He’s innocent.”

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