Gov Commissions Study To Discover LGBT’s Favorite Drinks

LGBT Drinks
"Sir, I see you just ordered an Appletini, so I think you would be a great candidate for this study I'm conducting"

The federal government has spent $400,000 in taxpayer money to study the drinking habits of LGBT. Your taxpayer dollars are going towards paying people to watch gays get drunk.

The grant was give to investigate how “gender norms” cause LGBTs to drink. The study that was granted last month shall look into “‘meanings of intoxication’ of sexual and gender minorities,” as noted by the Washington Free Beacon.

As noted in the details of the grant, the study shall examine the extent to which gendered norms shape risky drinking practices for what are now being called ‘sexual and gender minority’ (SGM) adults,” and will focus on identifying why SGM youths choose alcohol to cope up with “stress, trauma, and stigma.”

The grant opens by describing the situation, “Alcohol has played a central role for SGM (sexual and gender minorities) by facilitating exploration of sexuality and gender, coping with minority stress, trauma, and stigma and serving as an integral component of bars and clubs for SGM young adults. Given this central role, it is not surprising that problematic alcohol use, including heavy episodic drinking and intoxication, and alcohol-related problems are significant issues for SGM young adults.”

The study hopes to find a connection between LGBT drinking habits and LGBT beliefs about gender identity, and masculinity and femininity. The grant is also looking to, “explore questions about meaning, context, and social practices related to drinking and intoxication among SGM young adults.”

The Washington Free Beacon notes that, as part of the grant, “researchers will conduct ‘in-depth interviews’ with approximately 200 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals about their alcohol use, to determine why they drink.

While, the study started out with requiring $1.4 billion in funding to research drinking habits in young adults, it soon changed it course and required additional funds to cater its new focus. The Daily Wire notes, “The study originated with a $1.4 million(!) grant to research young adults’ drinking habits. But at the end of July, there was a new focus: sexual and gender minorities. Thus, an additional $438,699 was awarded to the Scientific Analysis Corporation to continue the research until December 2020.”

Your taxpayer dollars at work – and in the Trump Administration, of all places!

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