GOP Will Be Forced To Change The “Ron Paul Rule”

Ron Paul Rule

As a sign of how corrupt the political process is within political parties, the Republican Party will be forced to drop what is known as “Rule 40” if they want to stop Donald Trump from sweeping the nomination process.

Rule 40 came into play to stop the influence of Ron Paul delegates within the national convention.

The rule states that nominees must have won the majority of delegates in at least eight states to become eligible for a vote in the nomination contest.

This year, neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio are likely to be able to break the eight state threshold which would make Donald Trump the automatic winner just as they’ve done with John McCain and Mitt Romney in the past.

The Establishment of the GOP won’t allow that.

In order to change the rule for Ron Paul, the party skirted their operating rules provided under Roberts Rules of Order, which only allows changes of rules and procedures to take effect after the close of the meeting. They then changed the rules to allow for “temporary rules” so they can simply write their own rules as needed.

Crazy corrupt.

That does not bode well for Trump, who will be hindered by parliamentary tricks dreamed up by Republican elites.

The party is expected to drop Rule 40 and could very well create new rules that would limit Trump’s participation or make the race more competitive for other candidates such as Cruz, Rubio or even House Speaker Paul Ryan (who is a favorite of a brokered convention).

Establishment leaders could literally ban a nominee based upon old age.

As is, Donald Trump will have to gain 56.8% support of the convention’s delegates in order to win.

While others will likely only have to gain 50%+1 to win, Trump will have to gain the support of the establishment “Super Delegates” who are highly unlikely to support the outsider.

If you are a member of the GOP, ask your state party leaders about these tricks and what they are planning to do to stop them.

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