GOP Squares Up To Push 2018 Agenda

Political Rumble
"Lets get ready to RUUUUMBLLE!"

Republicans from the House are now moving with a makeshift or a ‘stopgap’, spending bill so that the Government could operate normally for the last few weeks of the year 2017. Even so, they had to strive to get enough votes for the plan.

The Government now faces a shutdown by Friday Midnight, if the Congress would not intervene. Hence, House Freedom Caucus and House Armed Services spoke – in separate sessions – to the speaker Ryan to show their opposition to the leadership’s plan to use a substitute plan in order to avoid a shut down.

To show the support to Ryan, and other top deputies, Mark Meadows – The Chairman of the Freedom Caucus told Ryan that many of his members had gone from a no to a yes, as they voted for the reauthorization of the Surveillance program for a temporary basis.

The members of the defense committee are angry as the continuing resolution is eating up precious time that could be utilized to discuss and debate on the funding for defense. However, it is still very uncertain about how strong opposition they may face.

“I think there are a lot of people who are going to spend their time tonight really thinking about whether or not this is the hill we’re going to die on,” Representative Matt Gaetz – a member of HASC, said. “We just had this great moment on tax reform”. “I think they’re going to get the votes”.

The GOP on other hand is desperate to keep the governmental shutdown at bay, just a few day before the holiday season. In addition, are now making a strategy to a conference that is being held on Wednesday, which has many agendas including to pass a CR – Continuing Resolution, to help government survive till January 19th, 2018 while they hold a separate vote on the massive spending of $81 billion aid package for disasters.

However, this plan of GOP is taken down by uncertainty as the House GOP do not have enough votes to pass the motion and take the bill through the chamber.

“I don’t think what they’re whipping right now will get 218 [votes]. I don’t think it will even be close,” said Representative Jim Jordan, a member of the House Freedom Caucus.

This is the second time when the GOP house leaders had their plans to crumble while facing heavy criticism from the defense and conservative members.

Representative Scott DesJarlais, a member of both, the Freedom Caucus and the Armed Services Committee, said, “We’re doing our troops a real disservice. … I think it’s going to take a couple volleys. I don’t think this thing will whip out to where the votes are there for what leadership’s proposing.” Further adding, “So I think us –– and you –– are in for a long week. I don’t expect to get out of here until Friday or Saturday.”

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