Gen Kelly Regrets Taking Administration Job?

John Kelly
Does this really look like a man "punished by God"? How melodramatic!

On Thursday, John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff, said that he did not want to leave his position at the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). However, he added, “God punished me.”

On DHS’ 125th anniversary event, John Kelly said in a statement, “The last thing I wanted to do was walk away from one of the great honors of my life, being the secretary of Homeland Security, but I did something wrong and God punished me, I guess.”

In July 2017, President Trump asked Kelly to join his administration as White House’s Chief of Staff. Trump moved him to the White House, from his position at the Homeland Security.

John Kelly stated that he had “no right” to be on stage with former DHS leaders.

“I wish I had worked harder in the six months I had in the job to not only better protect the men and women that get beat up so badly every day, but to really advertise in a much more effective way how good you are,” Kelly added.

In January 2017, John Kelly was chosen to lead DHS, however he only served in the leading role for six months. President Trump appointed him as the Chief of Staff to replace Reince Priebus at the White House.

There were several rumors that floated, in which talks about Kelly getting fired or quitting his job as the Chief of Staff to the White House swirled. However, Trump was supportive of the decision that such incident has not yet happened and regularly praised that he has been doing a “fantastic job.”

Thank you to General John Kelly, who is doing a fantastic job, and all of the Staff and others in the White House, for a job well done. Long hours and Fake reporting makes your job more difficult, but it is always great to WIN, and few have won more than us! — Donald J. Trump

In recent weeks, John Kelly underwent high scrutiny, as he wrongly handled the domestic violence incident and allegations faced by Rob Porter, the ex-White House staff secretary. Porter posted his resignation in February after his two ex wives accused him of domestic abuse.

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