Future Uncertain For Trump’s EPA Chief

Scott Pruitt
"Dear Donald, please let me keep my job... please, please, please, please..."

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, declined to give a direct answer when asked about President Donald Trump’s confidence in Scott Pruitt, the chief of Environmental Protection Agency.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that the White House was carrying out investigations regarding Scott Pruitt’s stay in Capitol Hill last year, costing around 50 dollars per night.

“The president thinks that he’s done a good job, particularly on the deregulation front,” said Sanders to the reporters in response to the question whether President Trump has confidence in Scott Pruitt.

“But again, we take this seriously and we’re looking into it, and we’ll let you know when we’re finished,” she added.

The questions were being asked in reference to the headlines and reports being aired last week regarding Pruitt’s stay when he rented a condo from the lobbyist’s wife, whose company had several fossil fuel clients. Pruitt was paying 50 dollars per night for a unit that had 2 bedrooms.

According to a recent report, the EPA had approved the project of the lobbyist’s client when Scott Pruitt was staying at the condo.

Sanders was asked if President Trump was okay with the arrangement, to which she replied that he is not.

“We’re reviewing the situation. When we have had the chance to have a deeper dive on it and we’ll let you know the outcomes of that, but we’re currently reviewing that here at the White House,” said Sanders.

Scott Pruitt has faced a lot of scrutiny due to his high traveling expenses and the 43,000 dollar privacy booth he had recently installed in his office suite, which was soundproof. Lately, he has been hit by reports claiming that the EPA has utilized the Safe Drinking Water Act for the purpose of securing raises, which had been rejected by the White House, for his closest supporters.

He claimed on Wednesday that he had no idea about the raises during that time. “My staff and I found out about it yesterday and I changed it,” said Pruitt.

President Donald Trump called up Scott Pruitt on Monday and said to him “keep your head up, keep fighting… we have your back,” as stated by a White House official earlier this week.

The Trump Administration, which had been dealing with the departure of several high-profile individuals, has sometimes voiced their support for an individual before their expulsion. A White House spokesman had said on 26th March that President Trump has confidence in David Shulkin – the Veterans Affairs Secretary. However, two days later he was fired. Therefore, things may be difficult to speculate for Scott Pruitt’s case.

Other exits made by the high-level administration in the previous weeks include the communications director of President Trump, the economic adviser, and the State Secretary. The tide has been rough for certain officials in the Trump Administration, as many have left and a few might be leaving in the future.

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