Full Video of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum

The FBI has released drone footage of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

The footage largely supports the accounts told by eyewitnesses at the scene and not the version told by Ammon Bundy’s “bodyguard” who was detained and released.

The bodyguard, Mark McConnell told the public via YouTube that LaVoy had “rushed” the police.

The account was completely false after reviewing the footage. Supporters of the Oregon protesters are now claiming that McConnell was an FBI plant.

In reviewing the video, at the 8:11 mark, you’ll find two flashes just before the white pickup drove away.

This supports an eyewitness who was in the truck that they were fired on before driving away.

At the 9:20 mark, you’ll see the white pickup plow into a snow banks and Finicum quickly exit with his arms spread wide in surrender.

Finicum stumbles in the snow, his hands fall, and he is surprised by an agent rushing toward him through the woods.

The agent, with his arm extended, shoots LaVoy Finicum and he falls dead. His arms moves for a moment and it’s unclear if additional shots were fired.

If you continue watching, you’ll see several balls of fire that appear to be flash bangs near the pickup.

Even at the 13:37 mark, you’ll see red lasers pointed at the head of Finicum by SWAT snipers.

The footage, while not definitive, largely supports the account reported by the eyewitness and Finicum’s daughter.

LaVoy Finicum appeared to be gunned down in cold blood in an ambush by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

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