French Foreign Terror not Isolated to Europe

After the murder of 12 journalists in France, a debate over Muslim immigration has erupted in Europe.

Over 17 million Muslims have immigrated to Western Europe, including 5 million in France.

Since 2000, nearly a million immigrants from Muslim countries have immigrated to the United States totaling nearly 8 million.

While the socialist government of France has allowed far more immigration and has even allowed near takeovers of communities by extreme Muslim factions, the Muslim communities within the United States have focused on entrepreneurial growth and assimilation rather than forcing their new countryman to adhere to their beliefs.

The American Muslim consumer market has injected $170 billion into the economy.

With those benefits evident, there are still rogue Muslim immigrants who are becoming increasingly violent without regard or understanding of law and social keepings.

In 2014, there were four murders by Muslim fanatics including the public beheading of a woman in Oklahoma.

In 2013, three people were killed in 264 injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing by foreign-born Muslims.

In 2009, 13 soldiers were murdered and 31 others injured in the Ft. Hood shooting while the gunman was yelling praises to Allah.

Last month, an immigrant entered a New York City Synagogue and stabbed a student after saying “I want to kill the Jew.”

The man was confronted on the scene by police and shot dead.

The entire incident was caught on video.

While murders committed by religious fanatics occur across all religions, the brazen assaults committed by Muslims have been only lightly covered at best by the mainstream media who, like the French government, has placed political correctness above the need to deliver facts to the public.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.