Free College Coming To State With Over A Trillion In Debt

Does the guy represent the State, or indebted students?

Democrats in California are pushing for free college tuition costing the state millions of dollars they don’t have.

Free higher education is a great idea and something that be available to everyone in America, but how do we pay for it? Democrats in California think they have an answer.

They plan to have the state pay $46 million to cover the first-year costs for an estimated 50,000 students. A new bill would double the amount.

Last year, the Democrats held the majority in California and voted together behind AB19 while the Republicans all voted no. The bill offers students the fist year of schooling at a community college if they take a full course load.

After the midterm elections, Democrats will have a much larger majority and a new AB2 bill has been introduced that adds another year to the current program.

With fewer Republicans next session, it is very likely that California will be giving away two years of free college.

The plan still doesn’t take into account that California is well over a trillion dollars in debt. According to Forbes, the golden state owes between $1.3 and $2.3 trillion. Maybe the Democratic leadership should focus a little more on saving money than finding ways to spend it.

What do you think about California’s new plan to off two years of free college education?

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