France’s Emmanuel Macron To Be Trump’s Guest Of Honor

Trump And Macron
Best buds!

President Donald Trump is arranging for special treatments for his guest Emmanuel Macron, the French President on his visit this week to the United States of America. President Donald Trump is putting this effort to return the gesture President Donald Trump received last year in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron’s three-day official visit will show the friendship bond between President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, who frequently talk by phone.

“What you do have are two leaders who have a great deal of respect for one another, who have a great friendship,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Press Secretary of White House said on Monday.

President Donald Trump asked the French President to accompany him on Monday evening on his flight Marine One. Both presidents went to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon property where they had a private tour as well as dinner with their spouses.

On Tuesday morning, Macron will get a splendid greeting on the South Lawn where a brass band will be there to play before the meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Emmanuel Macron will be the most important guest present at President Donald Trump’s first state dinner.

Macron made an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” last weekend to state that both, he and President Donald Trump have a lot in common than most people think.

“I think we have this very special relationship because both of us are probably maverick of the systems on both sides,” explained Macron.

The French President has desires to increase his country’s standing, placing it as the main defender of the generous international order that President Donald Trump has denounced.

The French President will push President Donald Trump to make reductions on urgent problems, comprising of the Syrian conflict, Iran nuclear deal, and growing trade disputes. If the French President fails, he would have to encounter tough questions when he gets back home.

“I think the stakes are higher this time,” said Atlantic Council Fellow, Jeff Lightfoot. “People are looking to see whether his approach of forming a close bond with President Trump is going to pay dividends.”

President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron have been discussing ways to fix the deal, but then again some administrators have some concern that President Donald Trump might choose to exit entirely and risk ruining the pact.

“The President has been extremely clear that he thinks it’s a bad deal. That certainly has not changed,” stated Sanders to the reporters.

President Donald Trump announced last year that he would leave the 2015 pact, saying, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

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