Fox News Faces Yet Another Harassment Lawsuit

Fox News

Former Fox News Radio correspondent Jessica Golloher has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Fox News. The lawsuit came as a response to gender discrimination that Golloher experienced at the workplace. Her lawsuit claimed that the network had fired her after she had used the company’s hotline to report harassment.

The suit mentions that Golloher was fired within 24 hours of the phone call she had made reporting “sexist” harassment. The suits states that she was, “marginalized and subject to discrimination based on her gender.”

Golloher was noted saying that after she had filed a complaint with the company’s hotline, Fox terminated her employment by calling it a “budgetary” action.

Furthering emphasizing on Gollher’s statement, her attorney Douglas Wigdor said, “As we allege in the complaint, terminating an employee within 24 hours of utilizing the ‘hotline’ that Fox has touted as a defense to the O’Reilly sexual harassment matters is yet another indication of its lack of oversight and retaliatory animus for those that are brave enough to report unlawful conduct. What is even more dumbfounding, however, is that Fox Radio’s Vice President and General Manager, who conducted the termination in question was, according to media reports, fired from his prior job at ABC, after ABC learned of his improper use of on-line material that included a sexually explicit photograph that was turned over to the FBI.”

Court documents obtained by sources state, “Putting aside the fact that very few employees were even aware that a hotline existed prior to its mention in recent press accounts, Jessica Golloher, Fox News Radio Network’s Middle East/North Africa correspondent, did summon the courage, on April 17, 2017, to email 21st Century Fox’s purported independent investigator and request an opportunity to speak with her regarding issues at Fox.”

“Within 24 hours of sending this email, and knowing that Ms. Golloher had previously made internal complaints about gender discrimination,” the documents continued, “Ms. Golloher was, without any prior warning, fired — effective August 2017. The decision to terminate Ms. Golloher can only be described as a blatant act of retaliation.”

The lawsuit also brought to light the past events that had been occurring within the network since 2016.

“Simply put,” the suit stated, “any purported desire on the part of Fox to clean up its culture and actually encourage employees to come forward with complaints about discrimination in the workplace is nothing more than a move to salvage its reputation.”

In response to the lawsuit, a Fox representative came forward to speak of Gollaher’s case as “without merit” and stated her claims of “discrimination or retaliation” are “baseless.”

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