Former Planned Parenthood Workers Revolt in Touching Display

Pro-Life Activism

Standing on a stage with megaphones pressed to their pregnant bellies, two former Planned Parenthood workers joined five other women to broadcast the heartbeats of their unborn children to crowds in San Francisco.

The display took place at the Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday.

The organization hosting the event released the following statement:

Abby Johnson, who became a national figure because of her dramatic decision in 2009 to leave Planned Parenthood after eight years, stood on the stage with Patricia Sandoval, who also worked for Planned Parenthood. Both women said it was working at Planned Parenthood where they realized the hard facts of abortion—and became prolife.

“I aborted three of my own children,” said Sandoval, the California born daughter of Mexican immigrants, who blamed aborting her children for a descent into homelessness and drug abuse at a very young age. “It was there working for Planned Parenthood that I saw the truth,” Sandoval said, when she asked to see the bag that carried the remains of an abortion. “The first thing I saw was a hand and the fingerprints,” Sandoval said. The merciful outreach of a woman who saw her homeless, crying in despair, outside a restaurant and told her Jesus loved her was Sandoval’s miracle recounted in her book “Transfigured.”

Abby Johnson, who left as director of a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic, and joined 40 Days for Life, is pregnant with her eighth child with husband Doug. The movie “Unplanned” due for release in March tells the story of her two abortions, her rise through the ranks at Planned Parenthood and her sudden decision to leave.

Johnson is the author of Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line.

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