First Transgendered, Now Transabled?


If you thought the whole transgender thing was weird, meet “transabled”: people who think their “real body” is disabled. And they’re transforming their body to make themselves disabled.

The National Post, which ran a feature on “transabled” people last week, described the graphic way people are altering their bodies: a man who intentionally cut his right arm off, a man who dropped a concrete block on his legs, and many more.

Basically, staging “accidents” so they look more how they see themselves: disabled. There’s even a woman who wears leg braces and uses a wheelchair—even though she doesn’t need one—because she “feels” like she is a disabled person.

Obviously, this is ridiculous. If you’re an able-bodied person, and you see your true self as disabled, you’re just plain wrong: you’re not disabled.

But, using the logic of the transgender rights movement, they should be allowed to maim themselves. In order to get the body they feel like they’re supposed to have.

The new fight to let people do whatever they want to their bodies, so it matches their mind, has gained new steam after Kaitlyn Jenner (formerly the 1976 Olympic hero Bruce Jenner) came out as transgender and posed on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

The response from the Left was overwhelmingly positive. And anyone who dared step out of line and point out that Jenner isn’t biologically a woman, no matter how much plastic surgery is undergone, was savaged. Nasty articles about rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Drake Bell hit the media—in the latter case, just because he dared to call Jenner “Bruce” instead of “Kaitlyn.”

It remains to be see if “transabled” will become the new “transgender” on the Left—and if it does, it’ll be one more nail in the ridiculous coffin of the Left’s cult of victimization.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.