First Grader Detained In Principal’s Office For ‘Misgendering’ Classmate

Misgendering Punishment
There is nothing more Orwellian in our modern age than being forced to call a boy a "girl"

A California school sent a first grader to the principal’s office for using the “wrong” pronoun when referring to transgendered classmate – another first grader. First graders are generally 5 or 6 years old.

In what the school called a “pronoun mishap,” a first grader was punished by being sent to the Principal’s office, all because she forgot that a boy in her first grade class now identifies as a girl.

Reporting this sick and Orwellian situation, the Capitol Resource Institute, – a think tank that supports traditional family values – reported, “This innocent little first grader sees a classmate, calls him by the name she knew him last year and the boy reports it to a teacher.” And as a direct result, “the little girl gets in trouble on the playground and then gets called out of class to the principal’s office.”

Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute noted that the first grade child was taken to the principal’s office as the school took an hour to investigate whether her use of the “wrong” pronoun was an attempt to bully her classmate, a transgender first grader. After keeping the first grader detained for 1 hour, the school came to the conclusion that the “misgendering” was a mistake.

Karen England recounted how the child was severely traumatized by the incident. Her mother told the Capitol Resource Institute that her, “daughter came home from school upset and crying – saying, ‘Mommy, I got in trouble at school today.’” The girl’s mother subsequently got in touch with the school to see what had exactly happened at the school.

“She was told that whenever there is a pronoun mishap with this biological boy who now claims to be a girl — the school must investigate,” England stated.

The little girl’s mother responded to the school with a letter, explaining that her daughter “felt like she was punished for trying to be kind to the kid.” She wrote, “ I stressed over and over with the principal that I am all for protecting the rights of [the transgender child], but my children have rights as well,” and that, “It makes me sad that my daughter felt like she was punished for trying to be kind to the kid.”

It is to be noted that this isn’t the first time that the Rocklin Academy, the California school in question, had captured negative press. It was only a little while ago when a kindergarten teacher at the school read a book on transgenders to her students and actively encouraged her students to be another gender without providing their parents with any prior notice.

Responding to the controversy, Megan Fox, author of “Fighting for My Children’s Future”, had some harsh words – not for the school, but for the parents of this school, who are all complicit in this slide into absolute gender anarchy.

“You’re on the front lines of a battle we are all going to lose if you don’t stand up now. Recently your kindergartners came home traumatized and afraid they would be magically turned into the opposite sex because their teacher held a “transition ceremony” for their classmate without notifying you. I watched the news reports and noticed that none of you with damaged children appeared on TV; you sent the lawyers out instead. All of you chose to hide out for the sake of your reputations while the loons who support this abortion of common sense got on camera to talk about what a wonderful thing it was,” Fox declared.

She the issued a dire warning to these parents, “Things will only get worse. There are a whole lot of us out here who will back you. You may have to move out of your community, pull your kids out of school, and face criticism at the grocery store. Do it anyway. What more would you face to protect your children? There are people in your children’s school right now determined to rip their childhood away from them and turn them into mind-numbed robots who nod affirmatively in the face of lies. Your school is teaching your children to lie and be proud of it!”

The Alliance for Defending Freedom, a religious liberty law firm, is actively working on this case and is seeking ways to force the school to give up this disgusting exploitation of children.

You know this as well as I do; There is a coordinated effort in our society, to brainwash and manipulate our children – to shatter their psyche at an early age – by demanding gender confusion, encouraging destructive deviancy, and slandering traditional Judeo-Christian values.

You may not live in California –  but that is no excuse. If you are not vigilant in your own communities, your own parent-teacher-councils, and local school boards, your child will be the next victim.