Fiat Chrysler Runs into EPA Over Emissions Cheating

After what Volkswagen has gone through with their saga over manipulated test numbers and the enormous cost to that automaker – that is in the process of buying back cars – you would think that other companies simply would not go there.

But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Fiat Chrysler did.

The EPA served Fiat Chrysler with a “notice of violation of the Clean Air Act” and allege that it effects around 104,000 vehicles dating from 2014-2016.

2017 models have not yet been tested.

The vehicles impacted have the three-liter diesel engine that had been dubbed the EcoDiesel.

The EPA is alleging that the “eco” in EcoDiesel isn’t making friends with the environment.

Fiat, purchased Chrysler in 2014 for $4.35 billion.

This isn’t the first mechanical flap that Fiat has had in recent years. Their Fiat 500 mini car has been the subject of multiple recalls and customers have complained of major transmissions issues. The company failed to acknowledge the issues for over a year leading to many owners taking advantage of state lemon laws.

Expect this to make a major impact on Fiat Chrysler’s stock price, which as already dropped 10% since the announcement.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.