Female Cop Brutally Attacked By Muslim Refugee

Muslim Refugee

A female German police officer was viciously attacked by a Muslim refugee–after he freaked out at a train station.

Her attacker was a 23-year-old Moroccan man, described as an “asylum-seeker.” After conductors on the train platform in Osnabruck, Germany, tried to check his ticket, he apparently started acting strangely.

They quickly called for police to help–which is when the man flew into a rage and the situation escalated into violence.

The refugee first attacked the female officer, kicking and biting her while screaming, “Allah hu Akbar,” the jihadist call-to-action, and pledging allegiance to ISIS. He also tried to grab one of the police officers’ service pistol.

It ultimately took three police officers to subdue the attacker. His attacks left the female cop with a “massive” knee injury and another officer with a broken rib and bites on his arm.

It’s unclear what exactly made the man fly off the handle. Some sources suggest that the man, who didn’t speak German, didn’t understand his ticket was being checked–and feared he was being deported. But police have rejected that explanation, saying it would’ve been impossible for the refugee not to understand what was going on.

Despite his comments, a search of his apartment showed that he’s not affiliated with ISIS, and was not trying to commit an act of terror when he was arrested.

In a strange reversal, according to Breitbart, the attacker is now considering a legal case against police–citing police brutality for his treatment at the train station.

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