FBI’s Most Wanted Killers 52% Hispanic

Most Wanted
Talk about Over Representation!

The corporate media has accused President Trump of fabricating an immigration crisis in order to drum up support to secure the Southern border.

While Fox News and other conservative outlets replay accounts of Americans harmed by illegal immigrants, one only has to take a look at the FBI’s most wanted list to get a feel for the severity of the situation.

Of the 65 suspected murderers wanted by the FBI, 32 are Hispanic. That accounts for 52% of that one list.

That number is vastly disproportionate to the percentage of Hispanics living in the United States which is only 17.6% as of July of 2015.

Opponents of President Trump will try and dismiss this fact by quickly saying that not all of the 32 Hispanics on the list are illegal aliens . . . so let’s take a look.

Near the top of the list is Caris Ayala.

Caris’ nation of birth isn’t known but she is suspected of having ties to Elsalvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Caris’ was a caregiver to a five-month-old baby boy in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The child died from a head injury under her care. When called in for questioning, Caris fled.

Up next is Octaviano Juarez-Corro from Mexico.

In 2006, this Mexican national allegedly gun downed two people, taking their lives, and wounded three others in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Salvadorian construction worker Napoleon Eduardo Castro is wanted for allegedly stabbing his wife to death and leaving her body in a pool of blood in her garage.

The list goes on and on, and on.

A large portions of the murders involve the killing of a wife or girlfriend while many others are gang or drug related.

In the case of rough looking Jorge Rueda Landeros, he’s accused of burglarizing the home of a Maryland woman then killing her. Landeros is from Chihuahua, Mexico.

And here’s one representative of the “dreamers” out there.

Joel Emiliano Carranza was born in California, but is suspected of fleeing to Mexico after stabbing a man in the heart and killing him, and wounding another.

There are six other likely “dreamers” on the FBI’s list.

Note that this is just the FBI’s list of suspected killers. The government’s list of crimes against children looks similar and disproportionately Hispanic, while the White Collar Crimes list only includes four Hispanics.

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