FBI Planned “Media Leak Strategy” Before Big Trump-Russia Story Published

Deep State
"Here's the story documents you are to publish in your paper tomorrow" - FBI Man

New text messages released show fired FBI official Peter Strzok discussing a “media leak strategy” during the Trump-Russia investigation.

In 2017, Strzok sent a text to former FBI lawyer Lisa Page asking to speak about the “media leak strategy.” The texts were part of a release from a member of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee.

See a discussion on the “media leak strategy” on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs.

This isn’t the first time that Peter Strzok has been in the spotlight during this investigation.

Strzok worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign and sent damning anti-Trump texts that eventually got him fired in August.

It was also revealed that Strzok was having an affair with Lisa Page, a co-worker and the person he discussed the “media leak strategy” with.

Strzok is proof that people within the FBI didn’t put their country first, but put political beliefs ahead of the job.

Was Hillary’s investigation botched for similar reasons? Only Peter Strzok knows.

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