“Fat Shaming” Could Be Declared “Hate Speech”

"I'm not your punching bag... even though i'm a bigger target"

“Fat shaming” could be declared “hate speech”… if one “body positive” actress has her way.

Actress Jameela Jamila, who stars in TV’s “The Good Place,” announced that she was starting a new company that focused on “body positivity,” called “I Weigh.”

It’s unclear exactly what this “company” intends to do, but according to Jamil, one of the “main goals is to work towards a policy change that means this way of talking about people’s bodies is considered hate speech.”

“Fat-phobia is real, it is pervasive and prevalent and is damaging the mental health of millions,” she added.

Jamila’s announcement came, apparently, after she was offended by a photo going around Twitter showing full-figured actress Rebel Wilson in a bathing suit. The caption read, “The stand-up comedian, 29, made a big splash in Pitch Perfect, and does the same when she hits the surf!”

Jamila, who said she spent years being overweight before developing her svelte figure, has long hit back at people attacking women’s bodies via Twitter.

It’s fine for Jamila to stand up for women when they’re being harassed by social media mobs… but declaring all criticism of fat people as “hate speech” is a little much.